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☆ 教育分野
・洗足学園音楽大学 ジャズ・コース 客員教授

☆ 連載・レギュラー番組

・ 毎日新聞「らっこ」(音楽評論)

・ 新潮社「ENGINE」

・ 「スイング・ジャーナル」
ジャズディスク大賞 選考委員、新作CDレヴューほか

アドリブ アワード選考委員、新作CDレヴューほか


・ 「婦人公論」

・ 「オーディオ アクセサリー」

Yo Nakagawa Profile

Born in Tokyo , Yo Nakagawa began her career in 1979 by writing for ADLIB (Swing Journal) and has since developed her career throughout a 30 year period as a music journalist with an emphasis on Jazz.

As the first female Jazz critic to come out of Japan, Yo makes it her mission to spread the joys of Jazz to as many people as possible. The Japanese liner notes she writes for music albums and articles she contributes to many renowned magazines are known for their elegant and refined style and are hugely popular, and have certainly helped to dispel the previously common notion that Jazz was “difficult music”. It should be noted that Yo is responsible for the growing interest in Jazz among women in Japan.
On a first name basis with many musicians, she has a way of getting deep into the hearts of her interviewees. No wonder her interviews are known for the way she brings out the personable charms of her chosen subjects.

As Pat Matheny once called her the “One Person Multi-Media Center”, Yo is very much in demand in all different media fields such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and web site.
Her broad musical spectrum that focuses on music from the 21 century from a vantage point will certainly continue to be an asset among music lovers.


* Author of Yo’s Jazz Diary (Nakagawa Yo no Jazz Diary), published by Jiji Press
* Translated Lester, Young, Duke Ellington and other books from The Jazz Masters Series published by Ongaku no Tomo Press

Regular Newspaper and Magazine columns:

* Mainichi Newspaper (from 1996 to the present) Jazz columnist, writing 1 to 2 columns a month appearing on the Saturday Evening edition, Racco
* “Swing Journal” magazine (from 1990 to tell they discontinue in 2010)
* “ADLIB” magazine
* “Engine Beat ” series on “Engine” magazine from Shincho Press
* “Yo Nakagawa’s Favorite Music” on “Audio Accessory”
* Music column on “Fujin Koron” monthly periodical
* Others: Sankei Newspaper, “FIGARO Japon”, “PEN” magazine, etc. Japanese liner notes for music albums

Broadcasting Media:

* Jazz commentary on NHK Education and Broadcasting Satellite channels
* Writer and DJ for Jazz programs on NHK – FM and other radio stations
* Supervisor, writer and DJ for “Jazz In The Sky”, JAL’s in-flight audio service


*KEIO University Graduate School of Media and Governance
Associate Professor (2007-2013)

*Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
Visiting Associate Professor (since 2005)
Visiting Professor (since 2011)